Space & Health

For those moments when you need to collaborate on a project or focus alone, a variety of open spaces are available all over campus.


The Library also boasts a range of spaces, from silent sections surrounded by books to computer suites with software.​ A perk of The Library are the IT support services available, should you have any technical issues. 

Should you have any health concerns, the University of Warwick Health Centre is in central campus and easy to access. Additionally, general amenities, such as banks, salon, supermarket, religious spaces, and pharmacy, are on campus.



  • Bars and social events over summer through the Students Union

  • The Sports Centre runs a range of courses or one-off classes, including rock climbing and self-defence (new Centre in development for the summer!)

  • Board games are at hand at Bar Fusion

  • Diverse markets can be browsed, such as the vintage market

  • Coventry City Centre is full of shops & restaurants to explore

  • The towns of Warwick, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, and Stratford-upon-Avon are within reach by public transport

  • Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle, and Anne Hathaway's cottage are close for a historical visit

  • Birmingham New Street is less than 30 minutes from Coventry train station

  • London is under an hour away from Coventry train station

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